Phone Blacklist Database

Phone Blacklist Database

Description of Phone Blacklist Database:


Sounds up the Caller*ID amount over the busy station at the Asterisk Database (household ‘Black List’). In case the quantity can be situated, then when there’s a priority n + 101, where’d” could be your concern of this present case, a station is going to be set up to last that concern degree.

It also yields.


Sample SMS Department for extensions.conf

Be aware: About asterisk 1.2+, you need to put in (j) into the conclusion, so for this to make the concern leap. Just like Phone Blacklist Database :

Differently, it’s going to only keep on onto the future concern.

Just add some in to the Dark listing in the CLI

Database set black-list inch

  1. Database set black-list 0123456789 inch

Outlets 0123456789 Being a blackilsted Caller-id, Phone Blacklist Database

To delete some in the Black-list Working with the CLI

Data-base del black-list IPs

  1. Data-base del black-list 0123456789

Deletes 0123456789 in the database