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Cmd Timeout

Cmd Timeout Description

DigitTimeout(moments )

Once an individual starts scanning an expansion, an individual has got a max SMS of DigitTimeout minutes to additional kind specimens previous to Asterisk believes that the expansion to become whole. Otherwise defined from the dial plan, the default option is 5 minutes.

Be aware that in case an individual has clicked on out a succession of icons which compose a legitimate extension amount. Then it is going to soon be translating instantly with no needing the time out. Hence the fact a time out does occur can be a sign the Cmd Timeout expansion amount is going to be view invalid if it’s interpreted.

Once the expansion is deemed invalid, the handle moves towards. I expansion, or when this does not exist, then control moves towards the t expansion. Or when this does not exist, then the telephone has been terminated.

Wait around

Unlike wait around, DigitTimeout API supports just FULL minutes.

Any price under 1 ) sec. It can lead to unsuitable digit managing. Especially, a value of 0 will trigger Asterisk to decline from their dial plan having a time-out the moment it experiences a demand to get DTMF input signal, thus prevent it.