Asterisk Console Dial

Asterisk Console Dial

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    Even the dial-up control may be utilized in the Asterisk console dial CLI to set a telephone from your console.

    The dial control has the Subsequent syntax:

    Dial []

    When a follows”dial”, and there’s no telephone onto the games console, the most extension that is specified is going to probably be redeemed while in the games console’s dialing context. The dialing circumstance for your own games console is currently defined in alsa.conf or even loss.conf, base which console motorist (chan_alsa or even chan_oss) is used.

    When a follows”dial”, however, there is a telephone to the games console, the most designate is going to undoubtedly be transmitted since DTMF digits.

    When no has been defining, the default option extension at the console dialing situation is going to be uninstalled.

    A telephone onto the games console might be wrap at any given moment working with the hang-up CLI demand.

    Notice: The dial control is simply offered by the did, Asterisk CLI when your games console motorist was a load. Should you kind”dial 1 2 3″ and then Obtain the mistake:

    Then the station motorist (chan_alsa. S O or chan_oss. Thus ) is not wealthy also it was not correctly initialized. If it occurs, examine the preferences at modules.conf along with alsa.conf or even oss.conf.

    Specifying alternative contexts for games console calls

    In the event you are interested in being equipped to dial numerous contexts in your games console, also you also don’t wish to edit your config every moment, there exists a workaround it’s possible to utilize: producing exclusive extensions on your dialplan.

    CLI dial control

    Alas the CLI dial control won’t allow you to define number dial alternatives for phone calls set from your games. Luckily, there exists a workaround with it, also: with neighborhood stations on your dialplan.

    Suppose, as an instance, you are utilizing the ALSA station motorist, and also have these on your alsa.conf:

    [overall ]


    circumstance =consolecontext

    expansion =a hundred

    And the subsequent in extensions.conf:


    Now assume you would like to set a telephone on $DEMO together with the Idol selection”T” (to ensure you may then move the telephone ). Even the dial up control doesn’t allow you to do so. However, You can track the telephone by Means of a neighborhood station :


    In this manner, issuing”dial 9100″ in the CLI prompt will set precisely the exact same telephone as”dial one hundred” will, however together with the accession of this Dial selection”T”. Dialing prefixes might be produce at the same way for virtually any desirable mix of cloud-base alternatives.