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Weather Report Script



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Weather Report Script and MP3 Sound Specifically from NOAA! Upgraded URLs on 12-15-06

If you’re inside the san-Diego NOAA office place (and others, assess out your regional NOAA workplace homepage out of, then you can find a sound record of this existing prediction for the own zone and then play with it right back.

To find your San-diego NOAA Business Office place, visit and click on the Audio choice Underneath Forecasts. Acquire the URL of this sound declare the own zone out of your map.

Produce a statement from Wav format from

I such as the UK-Audrey voice, however, take to a few the others way too.

Create something such as:

latest-forecast.wav”Please wait once I download the hottest prediction”


What”Press inch to get voice-mail media two to the most recent weather prediction”

You are going to need to transform the way data files out of 16000Hz into 8000Hz and probably accelerate up them somewhat (135 percent ) and lower the quantity (60 percent ) until you employ them. Set them into /var/lib/asterisk/noises termed latest-forecast.wav along with select-weatherorvmc.wav

Insert something similar to that to an extension.conf (possibly from the [rans] portion ) to find the most recent prediction in case you dial all those expansions (such as 865) you pick.

When you might have trouble, then be certain that you have curl installed, then alter the course previously when needed. Find / -type f -name”curl” may detect your curl executable. I am using an mp3-player rather than play-back because I have a solid card at the Asterisk box S O mpg123 fails as it attempts to make use of /dev/DSP. I assume there’s an easy method to possess a dummy dev, however, that I don’t understand just how. Should you choose to utilize play-back in place of mp3-player, do not make use of the .mp3 file expansion on your extensions.conf.


You may likewise conduct something in this way from extensions.conf to dial-up and choose the elements prediction.

Sweet, Today I’m able to find the browse record way too! Thank you to this header and also into the NOAA. Excellent to find out my tax dollars going to something easy.

I was never ready to Weather Report Script produce this Agi/pl script focus in my asterisk package, however, that I did produce a different configuration that will not utilize Agi or scripting. Here it’s:

To log in to using the FTP client and navigate for the proper weather document such as for the current weather is

Second, make a party document on your user/bin listing referred to as re-set


Create the file executable

Second, change your extensions.conf

Re-load your asterisk config

Dial * sixty-five and tune in to an own weather report.

Any queries E-Mail me in with topic’asterisk consulting’

This script was designed by Mark Johnson.

Dean Collins

I did (Dean Collins) was variety the instructions up and ensure it is simple to comprehend.

This biography will permit one to dial-up an extension number for your Asterisk@home V0.6 or after PABX and possess it to examine one of that the elements for all your town.

Just how does that be:

After you tap up your expansion causes your weather.agi script to automatically operate

That makes the app web: FTP link into the Web and obtain a text document from Your pc

Festival subsequently’reads’ the text out to you personally

Web: FTP Is Currently a part of this Perl library Therefore That You don’t Will Need to put in this.


Festival is set up out of V0.6 or after of Asterisk@home which means That You don’t have to get this

You Should Work out that text is suitable for your self and alter the text Beneath

Move 3 — Duplicate the two files to your /var/lib/asterisk/ / Agi-bin Listing

I make use of an app identified as WinSCP to get this done particular. (It appears the same as an FTP app but lets you safely swap data files on your windows personal computer and asterisk server.)

Move 4 — Produce an expansion quantity for the own weather report with SMS.

I utilize Extension 850. The main reason I make use of that reality is that from the asterisk@home installments AMP employs the 800 string for its Meetme rooms. As that is like your Meetme operate I will put most my holiday extensions out of 850 onwards. Make careful you don’t possess an expansion onto your PABX known as Fifty (Simply Because AMP will write this particular Weather Report Script code together with a meet me Area amount 850 for expansion Fifty )


  1. Log to Asterisk@home with an Internet Browser http://-asterisk-ip-adress/admin

Click Maintenance

Click ConfigEdit

Click Extensions.conf

Weather Report Script, Nowadays You Want to scroll right down to where you will find that the [ext-meetme] circumstance about of how Farther down the document


extend =_8X,4, respectively MeetMe2($undefined|sM)

extend => _8X,5, respectively MeetMe2($undefined|asM)




  1. Add the Subsequent text in the Conclusion of the circumstance

extend => 850,1,Remedy

extend => 850,2, respectively AGI(weather.agi);

extend => 850,3,Hang-up VN

That, reboot your personal computer (or only reload asterisk), dial 850, and tune in to this current weather.

Any issues replicate and glue your clip without virtually any glitches.



Ftp Blog

I have fed up with working with the existence of the “closest” metropolis out of the NOAA FTP blog as it failed to possess records because of my metropolis. After a few of the times of trial, Weather Report Script and hit (I’m a newcomer in Perl/asterisk/Agi) I ultimately secured the real-time climate for MY metropolis doing work out. This script employs the most superb Perl module made by Mina Naguib (

Listed here are the measures

inch ) Visit

two ) duplicate the connection on the top side to Weather-Underground-3.02.tar.gz

3) operate after orders onto your asterisk Linux box

c d /Tmp


gunzip Weather-Underground-3.02.tar.gz

pitch -xvf Weather-Underground-3.02.tar

C-D Weather-Underground-3.02

Perl Makefile.PL


make evaluation

make setup

C-D / Tmp var/lib/asterisk/Agi-bin

4) currently edit that your weather.agi together with your preferred edit to


Utilize Weather:Underground;

[ weather = Weather:Underground->fresh (

Set =”94555″,

debug => 0

) || perish”Error, couldn’t make brand new weather thing: $@\n”;

|| Perish”cheque, Phoning get_weather() failed: $@\n”;

$AGI->exec(‘AGI’,””|\”The newest weather prediction for arrayref->[0]->undefined. Press 1 to jump in advance.

$currentWeather =”Present weather $arrayref->[0]->undefined can be the following. Present temperatures

Is $arrayref->[0]->undefined amounts fahrenheit or arrayref->[0]->undefined p

grees Celsius. \”$currentWeather\””);

$AGI->exec(‘AGI’,””|\”That finishes the elongated weather forcast.

Unlink(“/ / tmp/$filesname.


5) be Certain You Place Your Zipcode rather of 94555 in preceding script and then store it

Now which ought to capture weather personalized to the town and also at the actual time (maybe not a Community cached file)


This is just another sports script utilizing ATT’s TTS along with NOAA.

/ / usr/bin/perl -w

Utilize Asterisk::AGI;

Utilize LWP::simple;

Utilize URI::Escape;


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