Unknown Message Not Found

Unknown Message Not Found

When a note that you delivered is directly at the”undelivered” standing, this usually means that the delivery of your message neglected Unknown Message Not Found later My country mobile delivered the concept into your provider. My country mobile exhibits the 30008 mistake code right after. We are given a common mistake out of the company companion, or any time the mistake code. My country mobile acquired have pair to an of those additional My country mobile mistake codes from the 30000 show.

In case the material you shipped features a”neglected” standing together with mistake 30008. What this means is My mobile country sticks an error when processing this concept. To Learn More about potential Communication statuses. Visit Which will be the Potential SMS and MMS Concept Statuses, and What Can They Mean?

Watch below for even more troubleshooting VoIP ways for diverse mistake 30008 predicaments.

“Undelivered” messages together with mistake 30008

In a few instances, a shipping mistake might happen once owing to some transient dilemma down-stream of My country mobile. To examine perhaps the difficulty happens, you also can try to deliver the following message into. This consumer with a relaxation API asks, or via the API Explorer at Console.

In the Event You notice comparable Outcome, Carry on upgrading together with all the next checklist:

Assess My country mobile position web page. To determine whether a busy episode might be producing your issues.

Could it be your destination apparatus?

Can this apparatus have adequate signs? Otherwise, power off the device, wait thirty minutes, after which power up it.

Could be your apparatus link to your home company’s community? We aren’t able to guarantee communication delivery on apparatus drifting off-network.

Could the apparatus obtain non-My country mobile SMS?

May the apparatus acquire messages out of the other. My mobile country variety (non-Alphanumeric SenderID ), or even having a briefer one-segment Unknown Message Not Found (non-concatenated) human anatomy?

Can other apparatus employing the exact phone carrier acquire your messages?

“Unsuccessful” messages together with mistake 30008

To begin with, assess if the material relating to this specific mistake was an MMS (networking concept ) or an SMS. “unsuccessful” messages together with error 30008 are common when trying to deliver MMS messages.

Unsuccessful MMS messages together with mistake 30008

This mistake might happen since the Media IP URL you offered is just perhaps not accessible. When My country mobile attempts to recover social press. It can also take place since the Content-Type pointer over social press thing doesn’t fit the document extension. Remember to try the Subsequent troubleshooting steps:

Make sure the Media URL furnished is reachable over the Internet. My country mobile can’t recover press from URLs that want authentication

to guarantee the Content-Type header on the own media URL fits with the document expansion. By way of instance, if your document gets the expansion .jpg, however. The Content-Type header is image/png; then you have to verify exactly.  What the true extendable will be and then ensure equally properties fit exactly the true document variety.

Unsuccessful SMS messages together with mistake 30008

SMS who are”neglected” (in the place of”undelivered”) with mistake 30008 are extremely rare and might function as the effect of the momentary Valve or difficulty within My country mobile’s stage. Check always the My country mobile position web page to determine whether a busy episode might be producing your issues.

Allergic Infection 30008 Problems

In the event that you may eliminate each the aforementioned problems, then My country mobile’s assist crew could help research everything went wrong by bringing your own message. Please accumulate 3 or even 4 concept SIDs on your SMS facsimile in your previous 2-4 hours which have been flag with Error 30008, also open up a service petition .