Bill Cornell

Bill Cornell

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Although most of us have no idea what the company. NLP is and why it is so popular, it is quite different from the popular COS. Below are some facts about Bill Cornell and NLP.

All right, now you know that he coined the term ‘synchronicity.’ But you may not understand exactly what it means or how it works. To explain, synchronicity can be defined as when events that we normally would never predict occur. Unexpected and sometimes inexplicable in their frequency and timing.

Now to put it a bit more simple way. We could say that ‘This/That’ happened at a certain time and place was ‘synchronized’ with ‘Something else.’ You have probably heard of Edgar Cayce, the sixties psychics who used synchronicity. To discover things about people’s true intentions and emotions VN. Even today, when there are more scientific ways of uncovering what is happening around us. Most people use the synchronicity principle in using it.


He first came across this idea by reading an article. Cory Malboeuf wrote in 1996 entitled “Synchronicity – How Does it Work?” It is worth noting that Cory Malboeuf was Bill Cornell’s son in law. Indeed, Cory Malboeuf describes synchronicity and NLP as the two major worlds of the 21st century.

The article Cory Malboeuf wrote stated that synchronicity as a concept is only one facet of the new methodology. And its applications and Bill Cornell in particular has written extensively on the notion of the human mind’s subconscious functions and how it fits into all this. But in his book, Bill Cornell talks about synchronicity and NLP at length as they are complementary in different ways.

Cory Malboeuf also spoke of the cognitive-behavioral theory of SMS (CBT). And how it fits into the different theories of NLP and that both agree that the key to anything, including synchronicity. Is that our body is in tune with the universal unconscious. This is the reason that synchronicity exists and the reason that people see what they want to see.

So in essence, what is Bill Cornell’s “How Does it Work Bill Cornell” methodology? If you are wondering how does this ‘what is Bill Cornell’ concept of NLP apply to synchronicity. Then I have written up a short article that outlines his views and gives an overview of how this particular concept works.

Intuitive Intelligence

Bill Cornell has a primary method of ‘sensemaking’ or as he calls it; intuitive intelligence. This can be likened to a person whose mind knows what it is doing without any conscious thinking.

Cory Malboeuf also wrote that the process of sense-making is very similar. To the archetypal journey of the soul to its Creator. As we travel the soul’s journey. We can experience emotions, experiences, and insights which, through the combination of synchronicity and intuition, help us ‘see’ more clearly what is going on around us.

Although Cory Malboeuf is his son-in-law, Bill Cornell considers Cory Malboeuf as a close friend. Cory Malboeuf’s book “The COS Way” is mentioned on the NLP website as one of the best books on NLP by DIDs.

In my opinion, synchronicity is one of the secrets of NLP. When used in conjunction with NLP, synchronicity allows us to feel and perceive things. That we otherwise would not have known and many people agree that it does work.

What NLP does is create a ‘healing matrix’ or conduit for synchronicity. Where we can tap into it in our everyday lives, Bill Cornell has described synchronicity as a device to aid us in ‘imaging beyond human perception’ and to view things that we could not otherwise.

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