What Is An Api Key?
What Is An Api Key? - My Country Mobile

What Is An Api Key?

API Keys could be provisioned and revoked by Way of the Remainder API and also the My country mobile Console. It allows a reliable and adaptable simple for handling accessibility into this My country mobile. You get the My country mobile API with API keys that reflect the necessary qualifications. These secrets:

Authenticate into the Remainder API

Make and Merge Accessibility Tokens

Watch this record to learn more about your petition My country mobile’s REST API, or see our informative article on accessibility Tokens to find out additional. By way of instance, you may issue different keys to unique programmers or into distinct subsystems within the own application.

Fact API Keys

Because it could be individually reversed, you’ve got total Charge of this life cycle of one’s API qualifications.

In case your usage instance necessitates API Keys to obtain the / / Accounts or / / Keys end-point, then a master-key should be used appropriately. This is sometimes established from the Console.

Returns a representation of this API Crucial, for example, possessions beneath.

For stability reasons, the magic formula discipline is just coming back once the API Crucial is creat — not once yanking the source.


Case in Point Inch

Catch an API Crucial

API Secret’s puzzle Area

Remember That the API Secret’s puzzle area is redacted at the outcome signal of such a case. As mentioned previously, Key areas are returned once the API Crucial is created.

Case in Point Two

Grab an API Crucial

A good illustration Donating of an API Crucial.

Returns a list of API Keys inside these accounts, sort by date update.

The checklist comprises all API Keys. Additionally, it has paging facts.


Case in Point Inch

See a Central source

Retrieve each of the API Keys within an account

up Date an Essential source


https://api.my country mobile.com/2010-04-01/Accounts/undefined/Keys/undefined.json

Efforts to upgrade Disciplines of the API Vital example.

When active, it yields the upgraded reference representation. The answer will probably be equivalent to this of that HTTP GET (draw ).

Deletes an API Crucial.

This revokes its permission to authenticate into the others API and also invalidates all-access Tokens created with its secret. In case the delete is powerful, My country mobile will come back an HTTP 204 reaction free of human anatomy.

You can just delete Keys by authenticating together with your accounts’ accounts along with AuthToken or even which possess the learn secret flag place from the match.


Case in Point Inch

Perform a Central source