The Case For Using the .DMOZ Domain Name
The Case For Using the .DMOZ Domain Name - My Country Mobile

The Case For Using the .DMOZ Domain Name

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If you’ve just purchased a Web site and yours.DMOZ Domain Name is in trouble, domain extension that’s easy to remember, and one that will load quickly on the search engines. You’ll also want to look for a good web hosting provider who provides online support and helps you with any problems that you may encounter with your site.

Choosing a domain extension for your web site is not; as simple as picking the same extension as your competitor or the parent company. Many people don’t even bother to go online and explore the various extensions they can select for their web sites and simply select the first available option.

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Mediaproxy Extension

One of the more popular internet applications is the Mediaproxy extension. If you’re unfamiliar with what a media proxy is, consider this: it’s similar to a dot com but differs in that it domain extension of .com.

It is a simple extension that describes exactly what you want your site to accomplish. It includes an image, description, keywords, and so on.

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This extension is very similar to some of the other popular internet applications. Bigcartel, .Mirror, .acme and.Mediaproxy. All of these extensions are based on the extension of a domain name. There is no change in the way they are abbreviated and they don’t affect how the domain itself is pronounced. It is such a popular extension because it makes your site easily accessible to everyone, regardless of where they live.

Example of

For example, would be pronounced “doing my mom.” Similarly, would be pronounced “media-PROXY.” That is why people refer to as and as

The next time you’re in a store, don’t call in a favor and shop for something on Instead, walk into a store and shop for something on

They’re worth considering because they have all been used by many people and the name is easily recognizable.time, you’ll want to check out the different areas of your industry and find out if your field has a good name for your extension. might be a good name for your area or sub-field. Don’t forget to investigate,, and as well.

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Domain Name Registration Service

Once have chosen a web site, look into registering the extension. A domain name registration service is a good place to start that is hard to remember or has already been registered.

A domain name registration service can register your domain name and then add your extension to your search engine results. This helps ensure that the extension appears in search results when users search for your name.

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Once you’ve found the right web hosting company and the right domain name, then you can begin planning how to make your site easily searchable on the Internet. Investing in a quality domain name and hosting service is an important part of your overall internet marketing plan.

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