What You Need to Know About Swyx?
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What You Need to Know About Swyx?

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    What You Need to Know About Swyx?

    Swyx has developed a reputation as a consumer confidence leader in the debt relief industry. They operate an online program, Swyx Credit Card Debt Relief; which allows debtors to apply for consolidation and settlement loans to reduce their unsecured debts and eliminate their burdens of debt.

    The company’s partners make it possible for people to get relief without carrying out any negotiations with creditors. The online application facility makes it easy for people to apply for relief and for lenders to evaluate their financial capabilities and capacity to repay the loan amount.

    Applicants receive Debt

    A portion of the applicants receive debt relief. The rest have to face the consequences of non-repayment of the debt. If the borrower’s credit score is not very good then he/she may have to pay a higher interest rate on the loan than normal.

    In order to successfully locate the right lender for a particular case of debt consolidation, Swyx first issues a survey and eligibility tests. Once a candidate is found eligible for the program, a questionnaire is sent to the client.

    Who does not have any credit history?

    When Swyx works with a client who does not have any credit history; the candidate has to prove his or her ability to pay back the credit card debt. The test will be based on a hypothetical scenario in which the client’s credit score and payments history are compared to a fictional client.

    This fictitious client also has a monthly income. During the survey of this fictitious client, the results of a credit scoring tool and Swyx qualification test will be obtained.

    While doing a qualification test, Swyx asks the applicant to prove his/her income and; monthly expenditures as well as the number of existing loan balances. A special attention is paid to the requirements of consumers who have changed jobs.

    As part of the test, Swyx also asks about the kind of educational qualification a candidate has attained. Some of the tests include credit scores, W-2’s, and his/her employment history.

    Variety of loan types

    For loan debt relief, a variety of loan types are available through Swyx. These include Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECMs), Asset To Debt Conversion Mortgages (ACTs), and Secured Credit Card Debt Consolidation Loans (SCDC).

    In addition to helping the individual who has unsecured loans; Swyx also assists individuals who have credit card debt and other unsecured loans. The company’s debt relief services can help solve problems such; as debt collection calls, foreclosure notices, bad credit score, late payment problems, missed court deadlines, bankruptcy, and more.

    The company helps with a variety of things including collection calls, letter writing, negotiation with creditors, mortgage forbearance, settlement, and credit counseling. For any of these issues, it provides its solutions for free.