Understanding What Is SS7 Protocol?
Understanding What Is SS7 Protocol? - My Country Mobile

Understanding What Is SS7 Protocol?


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    Understanding What Is SS7 Protocol?

    Prior to looking at what and how SS7 Protocol works, one should first know about the entire telecommunications industry. This industry is the communication link between businesses as well as individuals. It is the technology that uses voice and data transmission for transferring messages.

    Contact center management requires the maintenance of important communication channels. In a cell phone conversation, a person can easily be interrupted due to unanswered contact center requires a communication link to be set up between both parties.

    This special need made the cell phone an ideal choice for business and government organizations. The major reason behind this was that it was inexpensive. With the technological advancements, this item became cost-effective to use. This made it convenient for the owner to have several employees that could communicate without wasting their time. 

    Why a cell phone became popular with people?

    reasons why a cell phone became popular with people. The major reason why the cell phone gained popularity was because it could easily replace a personal computer. Because it is less expensive than a computer, it made it more affordable to use in the office or at home.

    It could also function as a bridge between different parties. This device did not require a physical connection with the outside world. It could work just as well with other similar communication devices.

    In this article, we will go over how the SS7 protocol works. This is an encryption system that provides confidentiality business calls. It is up of secure cell sites and mobile phone networks.

    What the SS7 protocol is and Wow it works?

    This is why it is essential to ensure that both parties are aware of the purpose of the communication link. This helps them to take proper action when they need to talk to each other. With the features protocol, these parties can easily be identified.

    It also helps that this system allows the user to set the security level to applied to the communication link. This done to ensure that the phone connection can remain confidential and secure. The security level can be anything from keeping the signal encrypted to keeping the phone and internet connection as unencrypted as possible.

    To make it easier for the user, different security levels can set depending on the situation. For example, when the phone is at home, the security level can set to only encrypts the internet connection. This prevents people from being able to see or access the internet on the phone.

    If the connection is to through a mobile phone, then the security level can cell phone. With this, even if someone were hack into the cellular network, they would still not be able to intercept or view the other party’s calls. The benefits of the SS7 protocol is that it helps businesses and governments save money and time by avoiding the waste of valuable resources by having a secure communication link.

    So, now that you know what the SS7 protocol is and how it works, you should have a basic idea of how it is used. Since it is essential to have a security system, it is good to learn more about it so that it is easier for you to understand. You should also be familiar with the different levels of encryption.