SpaR2100 was developed by Dr. John Wood, a professor of dermatology at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. It was designed to be a technologically advanced skincare system that combined several components to offer a “combination” approach to skincare. The other parts of the system include a brand of lotion, an exfoliant, and a moisturizer. In addition, it also includes a mask and eye cream. Although it is marketed as a Spa2100  holistic skincare system, most of the ingredients were chosen for their proven ability to improve skin health. Some people have a very negative and very popular response when they find out that this product uses very little natural ingredients. According to the manufacturer, the products are not tested on animals. The manufacturer says that they only use a limited number of ingredients that are clinically proven to improve skin health. One of the ingredients that are used is cucumber.

Cucumber is effective because it has anti-oxidant properties. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. The manufacturer claims that the cucumber helps eliminate debris that collects on the surface of the skin.


It is not known if the debris that causes dry skin is caused by pollutants. It may be simply debris that accumulates on the skin. A review of the ingredients that are in Spa2100 suggests that the manufacturer uses all-natural, plant-based ingredients. The website of SpaR2100 says that it contains mainly plant-derived ingredients and some natural extracts from essential oils and fats. According to the information on the website, the skincare system is “stimulated” by “substances that stimulate cell growth.”When a person is using natural ingredients for anti-aging, they may find that their body creams and skincare products do not work as well as they once did. Many customers find that the proteins and enzymes that are supposed to be in a good anti-aging cream or lotion do not work very well.

How does Spa2100 work? The website explains that it “relieves dehydration through natural processes”encourages cell regeneration.”How do SpaR2100 work to treat dry skin? According to the website, it “fills” the surface of the skin to promote skin hydration and to “deliver active ingredients to the surface where they act.”It is common knowledge that people have different skin types. It is important to know the type of skin that one has. Skin types include dry, normal, oily, normal, sensitive, and acne-prone. The website of SpaR2100 explains that it is best for people with normal to dry skin to use the product and that it is ideal for people with oily to normal skin. Those with sensitive skin can also use the product. However, Dr. Wood says that he is amazed at how many people are taking advantage of the technology to improve their skin health. He calls SpaR2100 a very good anti-aging system and says that it has helped thousands of customers.