How the Duet PC Works?
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How the Duet PC Works?



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With its powerful and easy to use the software, Duet PC is all set to become a real hit in the home computer market. The company, which has been in the business for more than a decade, has come up with a unique program that allows home users to get a hold of the latest technology with very little work.

So, what is Duet PC and how does it work? The website of the company features numerous web-based tutorials on the various features of the Duet PC. There are also live video chat sessions where the user can get the best information on how the Duet PC works in practice.

Features of Duet PC

One of the special features of the software is that it has an application called Multi-Media Library. This feature makes the system capable of storing a huge number of audio, video, and document files.

To further reduce the time required for learning the system, the software also comes with a special function called Multi-Media Preview. Here, users can view various formats of multimedia files without even opening the software.

The software also features a dual-core processor. That is why, while using the Duet PC, the system can perform many tasks at the same time. Users can use the system either as a personal PC or in the form of a virtual assistant.

Another one of the special features of the system is that it is very user-friendly. operate and simple to use. The software has been designed it can be installed in a minute. The web-based tutorials make it even simpler to use the software. Users will have a clear idea of how the system functions.

Features of the software.

Now, let us move on to the features of the software. Let us take a look at what each of the features has to offer to the user.

Multimedia Library: The Multimedia Library is another feature of the software that makes it easier to use. This feature allows users to store large numbers of documents, audio, video, and other files. This allows the user to access his or her multimedia files in a much easier manner.

Window Management: It comes as a great help to the user in dealing with the computer. It helps the user to control the windows in such a way that they do not crash at any time.

Online Video and Audio Streaming: It enables the user to stream live and recorded videos and audio. Share music with others by streaming it over the Internet.

A user who wants to learn about how the Duet PC works would be well advised to go through the detailed instructions posted on the website. The tutorials will give the user a clear idea of how the Duet PC functions in practice.


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