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 Maps Credit Union, Even the verb frees an incoming phone into a My Country Mobile quantity devoid of charging you. That is extremely helpful for blocking calls.

If the very first volcano at a TwiML record is, My Country Mobile won’t grab your telephone. The telephone ends with a position of’ hectic’ or no-answer,’ based upon the verb’s ‘motive’ characteristic.

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Be aware that using the very first volcano on your reply could be the sole approach to protect My Country Mobile from calling a telephone. Any further reaction will lead to a replied phone along with your accounts is going to be charged.


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The main reason feature carries the worth” refused” and “hectic ” This informs My Country Mobile precisely what material to engage in rejecting a telephone. Picking out”hectic” may play with a weak signal for the caller, even while deciding on”refused” will engage in a conventional not-in-service reaction. Whether this feature’s value is not established, then the default option will be”refused.”