What is SSO(Single Sign On )?
What is SSO(Single Sign On )? - My Country Mobile

What is SSO(Single Sign On )?

What is SSO(Single Sign On )?

Single Sign On (SSO) mitigates security and compliance challenges for businesses giving organizations dominate over consumer authentication and user friendly revocation by means of corporate falsified applications

The intent with the document will be to clarify exactly the SSO capacities My Country Mobile supports and also steps essential to incorporate your own Identity Provider (IdP) using My Country Mobile. The record is made for both process directors or workers proficient regarding SSO management.

My Country Mobile SSO Abilities

As soon as configured, My Country Mobile functions like a company (SP) also permits consumers to log in either by means of IdP Initiated leaks or service-provider initiated escapes.

As a Way to incorporate with My Country Mobile, your IdP should encourage the next attributes:

SSO Integration Ways

Clients utilize My Country Mobile Service as a Way to configure and install Single-sign-on. The integration measures are the Following:

As a Way to configure SSO, then you Have to Offer the next info (your own IdP will Offer this a joint XML document ):

Please make sure the SSO assistance URL is openly obtainable.

My Country Mobile will give you its Entity ID, stability Token purchaser URL, and also manifeste x509 Certificate therefore you might precisely configure your own IdP.

As a way to log in an Individual, My Country Mobile should meet the current email address of this user we’ve got inside our devices together with all the current email found from the SAML program.