What is SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)?
What is SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)? - My Country Mobile

What is SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)?

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he SIP INVITE message Involves the API variant, both the accounts, also called for your telephone. Optionally, you may even give a pair of parameters to manually control indicating transfer and authentication, or set up My Country Mobile to maneuver habit SIP headers from the INVITE communication: the system comprises headers like UUI (User-to-user Data ).

The moment the Systematic Investment Plan session finishes, My Country Mobile asks the activity URL, departure across the SIP CallID header, and the answer code of this invitation effort, any X-headers handed on the finished answer, in addition to this normal My Country Mobile parameters.

SIP Provider Flexibility - My Country Mobile

At the moment, just a single noun could possibly be given each, and also the INVITE communication could possibly be transmitted to just a single SIP endpoint. In the event you would like to use still another noun, then establish a call back about the to use alternative techniques.

To define the geographical place by which My Country Mobile will ship SIP-out targeted visitors on your communicating infrastructure, then you also must incorporate the place parameter on your SIP URI. By Way of Example, in the Event your area =ie1 parameter Is Contained in your own Systematic Investment Plan URI, then My Country Mobile may ship the SIP visitors out of Your Europe Eire area:

SIP trunking and PSTN

Utilize the Closest noun

Each One the Current parameters operate together with all the noun (listing, Time-out, hangupOnStar, and so on ). To get SIP forecasts, the most caller-id feature doesn’t have to become always a supported phone amount. Input any string. , however no white space.

SIP trunking

During the noun, then you also must define a URI to allow My Country Mobile to join with. The URI ought to be considered a legal SIP URI underneath 255 characters. As an instance:

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