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    Even the My Country Mobile -node helper library enables you to compose Node.js code to earn HTTP requests into the My Country Mobile API.

    This library is open source, Thus in the event that you uncover an attribute overlooking or perhaps a bug, then we invite one to submit a concern or donate straight back into the My Country Mobile -node job.

    Dealing with Exceptions

    In the event the My Country Mobile API yields A400 or some 500 degrees HTTP answer, then the My Country Mobile -node library includes advice from the mistake parameter of this callback. 400-level glitches are ordinary throughout API surgery (“Invalid amount”, “can not send SMS compared to this variety”, as an instance ) and need to be dealt with properly.

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    Mo-Re Documentation

    Once you are up and working together using all the Node helper library, then you are going to discover code samples utilizing the most recent version inside our relaxation API docs as well as at the documentation to get every single My Country Mobile product or service.

    The absolute most recent variation of this Node SDK is perhaps not API compatible with all the prior 2.x variant of this Node SDK you might use in preceding My Country Mobile software. The old variant will last to do the job, and you’ll keep coming across sample code to get this particular variant through the duration of the instruction. If you have to put in this variant out of NPM, then you certainly can certainly do this together with all the next command.